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Strictly Professional Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Brown - 15ml

A quality brown eyelash tint.
For professional use in eyelash tinting treatments.
Gives clients a new boost of confidence.
Instructions provided.

Product Description
A quality brown eyelash tint, for professional use in eyelash tinting treatment.
Therapists need confidence and assurance when using products on and around the delicate eye area. The Strictly Professional eye range provides just that guarantee with its professional formulated products.

The Strictly Professional range continues to evolve and provide cost effective beauty solutions for the spa, salon and college.

Directions: Mix 2cm of tint with 10 drops of 10 Volume Peroxide. Apply the mixture to the eyelashes and leave for approximately 5 minutes. Then remove with warm water. Eyelash protective sheets must be used with this product.



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